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Loves Pilates because: It changed the relationship I have with my body.

Teaching Style: Welcoming, trusted, creative, anatomical, precise.

Background: Corporate expat - BASI Pilates Teacher - Mum of two – Pilates Studio Owner.

Specialty: Designing classes to explore your body’s amazing potential. Expect creative BASI Pilates on the mat and equipment, with a strong focus on improving postural alignment and core strength combined with delicious stretch.

Favourite place in Trondheim: The studio obvs (#2 you will find me at Jacobson&Svart).


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Loves Pilates because: It truly returns my mind & body to enjoy life every time I do it or teach it.

Teaching Style: A creative and motivating chameleon would be my prefect description.

Background: Communication Sciences degree – PMA Certified Teacher, 15 years in the Pilates field, 35 years as a mover: gymnastics, dancer, Animal Flow, TRX - Traveler and Foodie – Studio Instructor in PT and Entrepreneur.

Specialty: Understanding your needs and goals as soon as I meet you, so your body experience a sustainable positive change. Expect the unexpected: know more about your body mechanics and anatomy, playful challenge and self-confidence on the way.

Favourite place in Trondheim: Green grass field close to Gamle Bybro


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Loves Pilates because: This unique highly effective way of training can really improve ones quality of life.

Teaching Style: Anatomical, precise, fluid.

Specialty: Understanding in depth the human body and how it works. Some credentials: Trained physical therapist, Master of Exercise Science, PhD in Clinical Medicine (specialising in women’s pelvic floor) & qualified classical pilates instructor with 18 years teaching experience.

Favourite place in Trondheim: The studio!




Loves Yoga Because: Yoga is giving me the opportunity to connect and
integrate body, mind, emotions, presence, spirit, and memories in a
lovely practice.

Teaching Style: Creative, encouraging, comforting, safe, and playful.

Background: Bachelor of music – Hatha & vinyasa yoga teacher –
Health coach – Currently studying counselling and adult learning.

Specialty: Creating classes with selected topics associating body and
mind, focusing on one area of the body or exploring how to build
postures. Count on different options to adapt postures to your bodies’

Favourite place in Trondheim: Gamle bybro, viewpoints in Trondheim such as Kristiansten Festningen, Kvilhaugen hill, and my living room.